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ASWSU Global

Meet Your Representatives

During the academic year, these individuals work hard; they travel to the capital to lobby for your interests and make certain that there are student faces attached to the bill and resolutions.
They vote on the use of your S&A funds, and plan events and reimbursements to enrich your time at WSU. 

Do you have ideas on how to improve the student experience for Global Students like yourself?

Contact your Representatives


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ASWSU Global President, Morgan Atwood. Female, wearing a black cardigan, blue hair, glasses

Name: Morgan Atwood

Position: President

Expected Graduation Year: 2020

Major: Social Sciences: Criminal Justice and Human Development

Hometown: Vancouver, Washington

ASWSUG Committee(s): Student Involvement, Student Resources

Hello! My name is Morgan Atwood, and this is my second year on ASWSUG. Last year I was the Global Cougar Success Program Manager and Director of Legislative Affairs. I am currently pursuing a degree in criminal justice and human development. In my free time, I enjoy cuddling with my dogs and watching Netflix. I also love all things coffee! After receiving my degree, I have plans to work in the criminal justice system and hopefully continue my education towards a law degree!

ASWSU Global Vice President, Female. Silver blue hair, black cardigan

Name: Heather Sheldon

Position: Senator / Global Resources Committee Chair

Expected Graduation Year: 2021

Major: Social Sciences, concentrations in Political Science and Economics

Hometown: Richland, Washington

ASWSUG Committee(s): Resources, Involvement

Born and raised in Eastern Washington, I continue to reside there while working full time and attending school full time through the Global Campus. Following my baccalaureate degree, I intend to resume studies at a law school here in Washington State with the dream of becoming a lawmaker and voice of the people- one of the main reasons I was drawn to the Senate.

I am the former Chair of the Technology Committee, and as the incoming Chair for Resources, I am so excited to discover new and innovative ways to assist and engage the diverse student body of WSU Global.

I am always looking for suggestions and feedback so please feel free to contact me with any concerns, ideas for student resources, or questions! Thank you!

Director of Legislative Affairs, female, green hair, black blazer, smiling

Name: Sheridan Ingalls

Position: Director of Legislative Affairs

Expected Graduation Year: May 9th, 2020

Major: Social Sciences (Criminal Justice/Human Development), Political Science Minor

Hometown: Vancouver, WA

ASWSUG Committee(s): Student Involvement, Student Resources

Hello! My name is Sheridan Ingalls. I moved from Alaska to Vancouver, Washington to pursue my higher education. I got my Associate’s at Clark College, and I am pursuing my BA in Social Sciences, concentrated in Criminal Justice & Human Development with a Minor in Political Science. My hobbies are watching Parks & Recreation, dogs & birds, spending time with my significant other, drinking caffeine, and organizing & analyzing things. I spent my first year as a Senator and as the Global Cougar Success Program Manager. This year I take over the Director of Legislative Affairs role. One of my biggest passions is to advocate for students and be sure that policies are followed. I enjoy being a leader as part of ASWSUG and will continue paying attention to Washington State Legislature as well as local government and ASWSUG Administration to promote a better environment for Global Campus students and their learning experience.

Senator, Treasurer. Hispanic female, black cardigan, smiling

Name: Jessica Barajas

Position: Treasurer

Expected Graduation Year: 2023

Major: Business Management

Hometown: Maple Valley, Washington

ASWSUG Committee(s): Senate

Jessica Barajas, a student, adventurer and hiker who loves turning dreams into reality.  When she isn’t glued to the computer screen, she spends time with her family and theater.


Senator and Secretary of ASWSU Global, female, black cardigan, long hair, glasses smiling

Name: Mary Chalk

Position: Secretary 

Expected Graduation Year: 2020

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Youngsville, North Carolina

ASWSUG Committee(s): Student Involvement & Student Resources 

Hi there! My name is Mary Chalk and I am a psychology major at WSU. It is important for me to be involved in the student government because I care about the experience and wellbeing of my fellow students.
After I graduate from WSU I plan to get my Ph.D. in neuropsychology as well as an MD. In addition to classes, I also work and enjoy creating art. 

Senator on ASWSU Global, black, female, smiling, black cardigan

Name: Amikha Woitas

Position: Senator, Secretary Pro Tempore

Expected Graduation Year: 2020

Major: Accounting

Hometown: Bremerton, WA / Astoria, OR

ASWSUG Committee(s): Involvement and Resources

Hello my name is Amikha Woitas.  I am a senior double majoring in Accounting and Human Resources.  This is my second year at WSU and it is also my second year serving as a Senator.  I am passionate about serving and being a resource for others, which is why I pursued and have continued on with the ASWSUG Senate.  I am very excited to work on behalf of my fellow Global Cougars.    I look forward to connecting with you and invite you to contact our Senate with any of your ideas or concerns.

Female senator, chinese, black cardigan, smiling

Name: Sally Kidwell

Position: Senator/Treasurer Pro-Tempore

Expected Graduation Year: 2019

Major: Accounting

Hometown: China

ASWSUG Committee(s): Student Involvement & Student Resources

Sally Kidwell, Intelligent, lots of determination, friendly, open, tough. Future goals include Accounting, CPA. Schools include Nanjing University, Washington State University. She’s A Go-Getter.Sally enjoys civic engagement. She likes to keep life-work balance with varieties of hobbies, such as flower arrangement, yoga, Racquetball, Chinese Calligraphy, walking dog and hiking.

Female senator, long loose curled hair, smiling, head tilted

Name: Audrey J. Miller

Position: Senator 

Expected Graduation Year: TBD

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

ASWSUG Committee(s): Summer Rende-zoo Co-Chair

Audrey is new to Global Campus as of January 2019 and is working on her second bachelor's degree, this time in Psychology. Previous education includes a bachelor's degree in English Literature with a concentration in Creative Writing and a minor in Women's Studies from Arizona State University, as well as a master's degree in Information Resources and Library Science from University of Arizona. She is currently employed at Pierce College as an adjunct Reference and Instruction Librarian, where she also teaches College Success courses. Audrey joined ASWSUG to advocate on behalf of Global students in having our S&A dollars go toward support resources, networking events, and professional development opportunities that fit the unique needs of our global students. Audrey is also a mom to two kids and step-mom to six more kids - so she knows first hand the difficulty of balancing family, work, and school demands in the pursuit of personal development and career advancement. On the rare occasion she has free time (and energy), she enjoys crocheting, knitting, crafting, baking, and writing both prose and poetry. 

Female senator, smiling, brown hair in bun, grey-blue polo

Name: Ashley Payne

Position: Senator 

Expected Graduation Year: PENDING


Hometown: PENDING

ASWSUG Committee(s): PENDING


Name: Kara Lane

Position: Senator, Resources Committee Chair

Expected Graduation Year: Spring 2019

Major: MA in Strategic Communication

Hometown: Puyallup, WA

ASWSUG Committee(s): Student Involvement and Student Resources

Hello! My name is Kara Lane. I graduated with my BA in Business Management from WSU Global in Spring 2018. I am now pursing my MA in Strategic Communication. I plan to use my degrees from WSU to find a career as a project manager. This is my third year serving on the ASWSU Global Senate. Last year I had the opportunity to serve as the Student Resources Committee Chair. I also served as Secretary for part of the year. I have greatly enjoyed advocating for Global students. As a bonus, I have made some great friends along the way.

When I’m not doing coursework or working on the Senate, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our two children, who are five and one.

Name: Danica Swiggart

Position: Student Involvement Committee Chair / Senator

Expected Graduation Year: Spring 2019

Major: Economic Sciences

Hometown: Anacortes, Washington

ASWSUG Committee(s): Student Involvement; Student Resources

Hello Global Cougs! My name is Danica Swiggart, and I transferred to WSU in 2017. WSU Global has provided me incredible opportunities to thrive and be challenged, and I’m thrilled to give back to our community by serving you.

Though I’m now in my home state of Washington, I lived in East Africa for five years, working in community development, education, and social programs. WSU has furthered my international experiences, and last year I traveled to Tanzania as part of the Global Case Competition. Post-WSU, I hope to attend graduate school and I’d love to work internationally again in economic research or public policy.

Most of my free time is spent hanging with my husband and our dog—we love road trips, traveling, hiking, and the outdoors.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have comments or suggestions regarding Student Involvement! I’d love to hear from you.