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S&A Fee Information

What are S&A Fees?

Services and Activities (S&A) fees are one component of the total tuition and fees that students pay. S&A fees are available to support non-academic student activities and programs on campus. Any WSU Global Campus group, organization, or individual may request funds, but the purpose must be to support non-academic student activities and programs.

Who may request funds?

Any WSU Global Campus group, organization or individual may request funds. Recognized student organizations (RSOs) should pursue funding support through ASWSU Global except under special circumstances.

What can funds be used for?

S&A funds can only be used to support non-academic activities, events, facilities/equipment and programming.

When is it appropriate to request S&A funds?

Each year a budget for S&A fees is developed by the S&A fee committee. The committee is made up of students, faculty, and administrators. The total amount to be allocated to the various student groups is based on an estimate of S&A fee revenue from the budget office. Each year in March or April, a meeting is held where the various student groups are invited to present to the committee a budget request for the following academic year. In their request, each group must explain what the requested funds will be used for. The committee then develops an overall budget with allocations of the expected revenue to the various groups. The proposed budget is then delivered to the Board of Regents for their approval.

If you have any questions contact CeCe Smith at or (509) 201-7069

S&A Application Forms:

S&A Fee Timeline (PDF)
S&A Fee Application (PDF)
S&A Fee Allocation Request (MS Excel)
S&A Fee Committee Roster (PDF)

S&A Fee Committee Meeting Room:

Select here to access online meeting center

Request for Funds

To request funds from the ASWSU Global student government please fill out the Request for Funds form and submit. The WSU Online Student Government members will vote on your request in their next senate meeting and you will be informed if the funds have been approved