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ASWSU Global

Education comes with quite a few expenses beyond tuition. We are here to help.



ASWSUG General Scholarship

This $1000 scholarship is awarded to new or continuing students admitted to WSU Global Campus and is offered during each semester.
Scholarships are awarded based on academic merit and financial need.
Apply online by visiting:


ASWSUG Internship Scholarship

This $1000 scholarship provides funding to encourage Global Campus students to participate in unpaid internships. To be eligible, students must
pay S&A fees and work in an internship that carries WSU credit.
Apply online by visiting:

What Reimbursements Does Global ASWSU Offer?


Program offered to assist students with the cost of upgrading or purchasing necessary technology. Global Campus students need adequate technology to successfully reach their academic goals. The Technology Reimbursement program will reimburse qualifying students to help with the cost of upgrading or purchasing necessary tools for improved participation in the Global Campus.
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A small reimbursement for qualifying items including shampoo, conditioner, soap, body wash, deodorant, toothpaste, and menstrual
care products.
Apply by Clicking Here:

Mental Health Care:

Help to cover counseling costs from a provider of their choosing.
Apply by Clicking Here:

Child Care:

A modest child care subsidy to assist with child care costs
Apply by Clicking Here:

Cap & Gown:

Program offered to reimburse the cost of cap and gown rentals to a limited number of students.
Apply by Clicking Here:

Travel Grant: 

Program to assist in paying for registration fees, travel, and hotel accommodation expenses for participation in a leadership conference or event. Travel must be for non-academic reasons.
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Gym Membership:

Wellbeing Online is excited to bring this opportunity to global campus students – the Cyber Coug Fitness Club: Gym Reimbursement Program! As part of this program, global campus students can submit receipts for their local gym membership (new and current), and complete 3 healthy habits to earn up to $125 each semester!
Note, part time students are only eligible for a max of a $100 refund.
Apply by Clicking Here:

General Eligibility

  • The student must be currently enrolled. Students do not need to be full time to apply for this reimbursement. Most part time and full time students are eligible. This reimbursement is made possible through S&A fees.
  • GPA requirements vary; some scholarships & reimbursements don't even have one. Check each separately for this by following the link for the specific reimbursement, scholarship or grant. 
  • Must be an S&A fee paying student
  • There are some additional qualifications depending on the reimbursement; i.e., proof that you are graduating to be reimbursed for the cap & gown. See the application for the reimbursement in question for any additional requirements. 

Still Not Sure How to Apply? Instructional Videos are Coming Soon!

You can also contact The Student Resource Committee Chair: