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Global Cougar Success Program

The Global Cougar Success Program recognizes online students who go the extra mile to be well-rounded, actively engaged members of Washington State University. If you are looking to challenge yourself academically, professionally, socially, and personally, then this is the program for you! The process is simple:

1. Register for the Global Cougar Success Program.
2. Complete the indicated number of activities under each category listed below 3. Submit your activities via the “involvement” tab on CougSync Students who complete all seven categories for two or more semesters will earn a Leadership Certificate and a cord to wear at graduation. Can’t commit to completing all seven categories? That’s okay! You are still eligible to receive prizes each semester simply for participating in the program. It’s a win-win, so what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!



Entertainment, Arts & Recreation

Complete any one (1):

Service (Visit for more information)

Complete any one (1):

  • Log five (5) hours of community service with WSU's Center for Civic Engagement.
  • Participate in a CCE Alternative Spring Break or Eco Adventure.
  • Come to Coug Day at the Capitol to lend your student voice to WSU lobbying efforts (in Olympia, Washington ). Contact the ASWSUG Director of Legislative Affairs at, for more information.


Complete any two (2):

  • Bring a non-perishable food item to the CCE food drive at Rendezvous.
  • Nominate yourself or a peer for a CCE involvement or LEAD award.
  • Send your personal story regarding the value you find in distance education for use at Coug Day at the Capitol. Contact the ASWSUG Director of Legislative Affairs at for more information.

Personal Wellbeing

Complete any one (1):

  • Register for Wellbeing Online's gym membership reimbursement program. Find Wellbeing Online in Cougsync here:
  • Register for ASWSUG’s Mental Health Reimbursement Program.
  • Register for ASWSUG’s Hygiene Product Reimbursement
  • Contribute a recipe or a workout to be considered as the Wellbeing Online Recipe of the Week or Workout of the Week


Complete any one (1):

  • Research and cook a meal from a different culture and share on ASWSUG's Facebook page
  • Attend a cultural or diversity festival in your community and share a selfie of yourself at the event on ASWSUG's Facebook page.
  • Research a historically marginalized group and write a few paragraphs on how one can more inclusive to others in their life. O Submit your bio to ASWSUG Student of the Week


Complete one (1):

  • Participate in the Global Case Competition
  • Attend the Cougar Leadership Conference
  • Attend an ASWSUG Senate or committee meeting. Find out what Senate is doing for Global Students! Visit to find upcoming Senate Meetings! (Sign in with Cougsync)
  • Attend an office hour for the ASWSUG President or Vice President. Here you can meet and ask questions about what they are doing for Global Campus Students! To find office hours: (Sign in with Cougsync)

Professional Development

Complete any one (1):

  • Attend an alumni-sponsored event. Visit for calendars and more information.
  • Create profiles (including a photo and your anticipated degree) in both CougSync, Blackboard, and LinkedIn.
  • Apply for an Internship
  • Make an appointment with a career counselor (WSU Academic Success and Career Center) to take a career assessment
  • Give your resume a makeover using the Resume Coloring Book, a free account available from the Career Center
  • Attend a career fair or expo, either in person or online through the Career Center, or in person in your own community.

Academic Enhancement

Complete any one (1):

  • Create a study group.
  • Complete a confidential course evaluation. Evaluations can be found at my.wsu toward the end of the term.
  • Apply for the ASWSU Global Campus scholarship (full-year or spring-only).
  • Attend a Global Connections Webinar, Workshop, or Lecture To find upcoming events:
GCSP Manager Sheridan Ingalls

Sheridan Ingalls


Hello! My name is Sheridan Ingalls. I was born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska, but moved down to Vancouver, Washington to pursue my higher education. I graduated from Clark College with my Associates degree, and I am pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences with my concentrations in Criminal Justice and Human Development. My hobbies are watching Hulu, playing with our dogs, spending time with my significant other, and drinking caffeine. This is my first year as a Senator and I am very passionate about being a leader for the ASWSU Global students.


I love our community, and that is why I think it’s really important to get involved. I love that the Global Cougar Success Program allows us to be connected to our University while also getting prizes! It is a great, easy, and fun way to gain skills and connect with the resources and students of Washington State University. As online students, we may miss out on the social aspects of campus. GCSP is a unique program for Global Campus students only, filling that gap between being online and being on campus!


Sign up for the Global Cougar Success Program in CougSync today! 


If you have any questions, contact me at


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