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ASWSU Global

Global Campus has given me a lot of opportunities, including student government, to get involved and connect with my fellow Cougs. These great opportunities have helped me get the most out of my college journey and have opened doors for me along the way.

—Megan Hexum, 2019–2020 Vice President


Applications for the General Election open at the beginning of spring semester each year. Applications for a Special Election—necessary when two or more Senator positions are vacant at one time—open as needed.

Informational Meetings

For every election, a mandatory virtual meeting is held to provide details on the election and campaign process. A link with the meeting date and time is sent to all eligible candidates who submit a General or Special Election application form. The information is also posted on the Election page of our website.

Application Forms

When a General or Special Election is announced, applications are made available on Engage:

Current Openings

Senator positions and committee positions open occasionally during the year as students graduate or leave the University. Check out the Current Openings page for more information!