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ASWSU Global

The Associated Students of Washington State University Global Campus (ASWSU Global) is composed of WSU Global Campus students who help fellow students by distributing scholarships, organizing face-to-face events, and building a sense of community.


Becoming involved with ASWSU Global helps you to:

WSU Global Campus students may get involved by: seeking a ASWSU Global Senate position, joining a committee or attending face-to-face or virtual events

  • Enrich your online education experience.
  • Become part of an innovative and unique effort while learning to operate on the edge of technological transitions.
  • Gain or develop technical and collaborative skills that are in great demand in today’s technologically advanced workgroup environments.
  • Develop your leadership and teamwork skills.
  • Enhance your problem-solving skills and refine your decision-making process.
  • Serve your WSU Global Campus student constituents.
  • Learn how to create cohesion among geographically dispersed work teams.
  • Strengthen your resume.
  • Experience a self-governance and leadership opportunity.
  • Represent your fellow WSU Global Campus student constituents to the WSU Board of Regents and other WSU Officials, WSU Student Government Council, Washington State Lobby, Media, and the Public at large.